CSA Hosts First-Ever Day of Self-Care Activities for Homeless Clients

In keeping with CSA’s mission to preserve and promote the dignity of our clients, the agency is holding the first-ever daylong event designed to provide a sense of well-being and belonging for our unhoused clients on Saturday, June 1. Billed as Treat Yourself from a sketch on the popular television series Parks and Rec, the event will include games, art activities, refreshments and a distribution of personal care items.

#BecauseICare – Christine Flego

Behind every rent check paid to a landlord and bag of food distributed is a team of case managers and support staff working with individuals and families seeking assistance. Throughout May we will be highlighting some of these champions who work behind the scenes to improve our clients’ lives. We are delighted to feature Christine Flego, Food & Nutrition Center Program Director in this week’s #BecauseICare campaign.

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CSA Volunteer Appreciation Event

“In the 14 years I have been working at CSA I have come across so many amazing volunteers. There are no words to express, nor anything we could ever do to thank all of the volunteers enough for being a part of our team, going above and beyond to make our community a better place! Volunteers are a true support for CSA staff and clients. I can’t imagine CSA without volunteers. From our Hearts we love you and with our hands we applaud you.”

#BecauseICare – Kathleen Creger

It’s National Volunteer month, and we are delighted to feature some of our wonderful volunteers in our ongoing #BecauseICare campaign. BTW, CSA volunteers will be celebrated this Thursday, April 11 at our annual appreciation event at Michael’s at Shoreline. Contact us at (650) 964-4630 if you would like to attend.

We welcome your feedback