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Mountain View, California

A Day at CSA

(Video Transcript begins in English)

(A woman walking into a building and entering a collection room for donations)

(music begins in background)

(staff seen sorting donations as Tom Myers, Executive Director, CSA, begins speaking)

We started out serving farm workers

(video background scene changes to older black and white photos of farm workers riding into the area in the back of trucks to work)

who were coming through the area to work the apricot orchards and other agricultural businesses in the community.

(video background changes to interview of Tom Myers speaking)

Today though our impacts are really significant. And over the last few years things have changed immensely. And the gap between those that have and those that have not has grown which has made the services we provide so incredibly important. Ahhh… Primarily because those that have not in this current economy are really having a tough time

(video background scene changes to community neighborhood scenes)

(As the video background flashes through different community neighborhood scenes a CSA Client – a young woman – begins speaking)

I would love for people to learn about the different programs that they offer ..umm.. Everything from pre-screening diabetes to ..um.. to helping before school with the backpacks .. ahh.. Christmas time helping with gifts – food pantries – sometimes it’s art and there’s been times where I don’t have money to buy eggs and milk and bread. And it’s the basics – and they are there – it’s the vegetables – there’s different types of food

(video background changes to food baskets being browsed by CSA Clients)

And it’s not old food like people think it is – it’s – it’s good helpful food.

(video background switches to another CSA Client speaking in spanish)

(translated to English)

What I love most about this agency is the people that have been chosen to do this work.

(video background switches to another scene with a CSA Staff sorting groceries into baskets to a young woman, Simone Berkowitz, answering a call)

(video background changes to another young woman, Simone Berkowitz, Challenge Diabetes Program Coordinator, speaking)

I run the Challenge Diabetes Program which provides food and nutrition education to the clients that qualify. We also do a blood screening every August to enroll new clients and then in May we have a test where we see if clients have improved their blood sugar numbers.

(video background changes to typing on keyboard and another CSA Client, an older woman begins speaking)

I’ve been in my house since 1955 approximately

(video background scene switch to the CSA Client speaker)

And if it wasn’t for CSA I would not have been able to live in my house and my family wouldn’t have been able to live in that house either.

(video background scene changes to another CSA Client, an older man)

You can go to a lot of folk around – not they don’t want to help you – I don’t know – it’s just – it’s just different. You know what I’m saying. You can feel the love.

(video background scene changes to an older woman, CSA Staff,  sitting in front of a computer smiling up to people, CSA Clients,  behind her desk as she hands them a card with information as she’s speaking to them about it)

(video background scene changes to another scene with various CSA Staff members working with CSA Clients in a food pantry, another CSA Client, an older woman, begins speaking)

CSA has allowed me to be more independent and fill more

(video background changes to the CSA Client speaking)

empowered. It’s a great service and it’s free. I can’t believe it you know.

(video background scene changes to a CSA Staff Member, a young man, speaking on a telephone behind a desk. Tom Myers, Executive Director, CSA, begins speaking. Young man stands up and greets CSA Clients.)

Every single day we are having an impact on peoples’ lives. But an important impact that can really help improve their lives. And that’s our goal is to make sure that we are making lives better for people in the community. Everyone who is dealing with poverty, whether they are low income, or are homeless, or a senior .. ah.. It’s to make life better for them.

(video background changes to a caption with the following text – music begins playing)

For 60 years, Community Services Agency (CSA) has been providing vital social services for residents of Mountain View, Los Altos, and Los Altos Hills.

We understand that hardship can come at any time and knows no age limit. We provide a safety net so that independence and self-sufficiency can be restored and maintained.

Film developed by Google

(Video Transcript Ends)

Press Coverage

Silicon Valley’s affordable housing problem makes national headlines

December 7, 2017

CSA was featured today on “CBS This Morning” in a special segment on homelessness and the housing crisis. The segment includes an interview with our Executive Director Tom Myers. Kudos to the CBS News team for illustrating the extent of the problem to a national audience.

CSA moves to new Mountain View location

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CSA helps couple regain independence

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Holiday Fund: CSA steps in to assist Mountain View’s increasingly vulnerable senior residents

Mountain View Voice • Nov 17, 2023

Mountain View Voice launches annual Holiday Fund campaign with $100K goal

Mountain View Voice • Nov 10, 2023

Introducing the 2023 Town Crier Holiday Fund

Los Altos Town Crier • Nov 7, 2023

Community Services Agency receives $1 million donation from Google.org during event

Los Altos Town Crier • Oct 17, 2023

Opening its doors to the community, Google unveils new visitor center in Mountain View

Palo Alto Online Oct 12, 2023

CSA’s Young Professionals group hosts Empty Glasses fundraiser Sunday at winery

Los Altos Town Crier • Oct 10, 2023

El Camino Health Care District and El Camino Health give $11 million to support local health programs

Mountain View Voice • August 12, 2023

CSA Announces New Board Officers, Hosts Back to School Event

Los Altos Town Crier • August 8, 2023

Community Services Agency receives $1.5 million from the state to upgrade Mountain View facility

Mountain View Voice • July 18, 2023

CSA Strikes Deal with School District to Lease Building

Los Altos Town Crier • April 26, 2023

Hidden Villa’s Pigs Reduce Grocery Store Donation Waste

Los Altos Town Crier • March 8, 2023

‘There’s never enough.’ Surge in need for shelter, housing overwhelms Bay Area providers

San Jose Mercury News • January 15th, 2023

CSA Food & Nutrition Center: Filling food needs among the underserved

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For Tom Myers, community service meant staying close to home

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Community Services Agency hosts ‘Hometown Heroes’

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Other Voices: Anti-gay sentiments on rise in progressive Mtn. View

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Community Services Agency reopens Mtn. View office

Los Altos Town Crier  • March 22nd, 2022

To Stem The Tide Of Evictions Threatening Mountain View Residents, The City Created An Eviction Help Center. So Far, It Seems To Be Working.

Mountain View Voice February 18th, 2022

For Two Mountain View Parents, Being Undocumented Added to Pandemic Hardships

Mountain View Voice February 15th, 2022

CSA Names Berkowitz Development Director

Los Altos Town Crier January 25th, 2022

Record Number Of Clients Seeking Help From CSA

Los Altos Town Crier November 28th, 2021

CSA’s Back-To-School Event Supports Low-Income Families

Los Altos Town Crier July 27th, 2021

Community Services Agency to host ‘Back-to-School’ event to provide supplies for students in need

Mountain View Voice July 22nd, 2021

CSA prepares for in-person back-to-school event for client families

Los Altos Town Crier July 14th, 2021

Simone de Muñoz was writing a novel about a hypothetical virus — and then COVID hit

Mountain View Voice June 25th, 2021

Mountain View Chamber of Commerce awards ‘local heroes’ during the pandemic

Mountain View Voice June 16th, 2021

CSA appoints three staff members to newly created positions

Los Altos Town Crier April 21st, 2021

A year into pandemic, CSA members reflect on unprecedented response

Los Altos Town Crier March 12th, 2021

CSA’s annual fundraiser for homeless services moves online, partners with restaurants

Mountain View Voice March 10th, 2021

Holiday Fund: In a time of crisis, CSA steps up to the plate

Mountain View Voice November 25th, 2020

Community Services Agency’s Food & Nutrition Center: Feeding families in need

Los Altos Town Crier November 18th, 2020

With $1M in federal aid, Mountain View pours more money into renter relief

Mountain View Voice November 11th, 2020

CSA recognizes numerous ‘heroes’ stepping up to help during pandemic

Los Altos Town Crier October 13th, 2020

CSA’s Hometown Heroes reimagined as online event

Los Altos Town Crier September 23rd, 2020

Los Altos Hills council reconsiders, donates to CSA

Los Altos Town Crier June 23rd, 2020

High school boosters’ run/walk raises more than $3,000 for CSA

Los Altos Town Crier June 16th, 2020

The uncertain road ahead for CSA: MV agency filling needs, but lack of food a concern

Los Altos Town Crier April 29th, 2020

Guest opinion: Caring for our most vulnerable residents

Mountain View Voice April 12th, 2020

CSA leader offers update amid the coronavirus crisis

Los Altos Town Crier April 8th, 2020

In just two days, Santa Clara County’s $11M financial assistance fund has run out

Mountain View Voice March 26th, 2020

Emergency funds for local residents out of work: Where to go and how to apply

Mountain View Voice March 25th, 2020

Nonprofits rising to challenge amid community lockdown

Los Altos Town Crier March 25th, 2020

Nonprofits scramble to help Santa Clara County homeless during coronavirus shutdown

Mountain View Voice March 25th, 2020

Mountain View City Council approves $500K emergency relief fund for struggling tenants

Mountain View Voice March 18th, 2020

Safe parking program could expand with help from local property owners

Moutain View Voice March 7th, 2020


Mountain View Voice • December 6th, 2019


San Jose Mercury News Wish Book • November, 2019

CSA Food & Nutrition Center: Giving Groceries, Emergency Financial Aid

Los Altos Town Crier • November 27th, 2019


Los Altos Town Crier • November 27th, 2019


Mountain View Chamber of Commerce

CSA Mountain View-Los Altos gets new Google grant to help local homeless

Mountain View Voice • October 1st, 2019


Los Altos Town Crier • September 11th, 2019


Los Altos Town Crier • August 28th, 2019

Diabetes Program Yields Results For CSA Clients

Los Altos Town Crier • July 31, 2019

Community Services Agency kicks off ‘Los Altos Can’ Campaign

Los Altos Town Crier • July 17, 2019

CSA’s Young Professionals Group Sponsors Networking Event

Los Altos Town Crier • April 30, 2019

CSA, Hope’s Corner Holiday Sharing Partnership Proves A Win-Win

Los Altos Town Crier • January 23, 2019

Unhoused But Not Unheard

Mountain View Voice • January 6, 2019

CSA Honors “Hometown Heroes” And Offers Update On Fight Against Poverty.

Los Altos Town Crier • September 26, 2018

Community Services Agency Named District 24’s Nonprofit Of The Year!

Los Altos Town Crier • June 6, 2018

Need for CSA just keeps growing

Mountain View Voice • January 2, 2018

Crisis drives people to live in their vans

San Jose Mercury News • December 17, 2017

Helping others as a way of life

Los Altos Town Crier • November 22, 2017

CSA Food & Nutrition Center reaches out to underserved residents

Los Altos Town Crier • November 8, 2017

Haunting for a good cause

Mountain View Voice • November 3, 2017

Longtime CSA director retires

Mountain View Voice • October 24, 2017

CSA leaders salute ‘heroes’ of their own at annual breakfast

Los Altos Town Crier • October 4, 2017

Longtime CSA associate director retires

Los Altos Town Crier • September 27, 2017

Meet some of the people who live on South Bay streets in RVs

San Jose Mercury News • August 3, 2017

Inspire MV awards $525K to improve city

Mountain View Voice • May 19, 2017

CSA connects families with fresh, nutritious food

Los Altos Town Crier • May 17, 2017

Inspire Mountain View Results

www.ilovemv.org May 12, 2017

Inspire Mountain View Winners

www.ilovemv.org May 3, 2017

Press Releases

Google supports CSA’s COVID relief efforts with $200,000 grant award

April 20, 2020

CSA is the recipient of a $200,000 grant from Google to help vulnerable community members impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak. Specifically, these funds will be used to help with rent, utilities and food expenses to accommodate the surge in the number of current and new clients seeking help during this crisis.

CSA’s Young Professionals Host First Ever Empty Glasses Networking Event

April 4, 2019

CSA’s Young Professionals group is hosting their first Empty Glasses networking event. The event starts at 1 pm on May 18th and will go until 4 pm. Tickets are $35 a piece and cover a tour of the winery, a wine tasting with cheese pairings, and brief comments from CSA staff and Young Professionals leaders. This event is geared toward young professionals living and working in the Bay Area that want to get more involved in their community.

In Light Of Recent ICE Activity, CSA Reminds Community That We Are A Safe Place

March 27, 2019

In recent weeks, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (better known as ICE) has been in Mountain View and, in one situation, took a Mountain View resident into custody. We are happy that due to the generosity, cooperation and coordination of many different organizations and individuals, the person who was taken into custody has returned to their family. CSA is a proud partner with many of these organizations and individuals.

CSA launches Mountain View Can campaign challenging everyone to donate a can of healthy food

July 25, 2018

Community Services Agency (CSA) has a unique canned food drive planned for the summer, a time of year when donations are historically low – a social media campaign designed to encourage everyone to bring at least one can of healthy food to their local food pantry.

Over 550 children from low-income families participated in CSA’s annual backpack distribution event.

July 23, 2018

Over 550 children from low-income families received backpacks, school supplies and gift cards for new school clothing and shoes on Monday at Community Service Agency’s (CSA) annual back-to-school distribution event. The event is administered through the agency’s Homeless Prevention Services department for client families, and is supported by Google, Inc. and the Dudley-Vehmeyer-Brown Memorial Foundation.

CSA to be honored on Wednesday, June 6th as 2018 Nonprofit of the Year in California’s State Assembly District 24

June 1, 2018

Community Services Agency (CSA) Executive Director Tom Myers and agency Board Chair Cathy Remson Lazarus will travel to Sacramento on Wednesday, June 6th to accept honors as 2018 Nonprofit of the Year for California State Assembly District 24. The agency is one of 100 nonprofit organizations throughout the State who will be so honored by their state senators and assemblymembers as part of California Nonprofits Day.

CSA’s Holiday Sharing Program is off to a great start with a very successful Toy Distribution event!

December 18, 2017

Thanks to the generosity of CSA donors and volunteers and an amazing staff, the children of 331 low-income families will enjoy a wonderful holiday season complete with incredible toys and gifts. The agency’s annual toy distribution was held on December 2 and 3 in the conference room that was transformed into a magical toyland by the “elves” at Young, Craig and Company.

Nicole Fargo Nosich Named as CSA Associate Director

October 16, 2017

CSA is pleased to announce the appointment of Nicole Fargo Nosich to the position of Associate Director. She succeeds Maureen Wadiak who retired earlier this month after 20 years at CSA.

65-hour Online Fundraiser with Home Instead Senior Care Foundation

July 1, 2016

This virtual event is the nation’s first and only crowd-fundraising platform focused exclusively on helping nonprofit organizations raise funds for programs and services benefiting seniors.


Partnership Announced for Providing Showers to Area’s Homeless

June 23, 2016

CSA is very pleased to announce a partnership with Hope’s Corner, a local volunteer nonprofit group, to provide case management and shower facilities for homeless individuals.