Senior Lunch & Nutrition Program

Our Senior Nutrition Program offers a hot lunch, prepared on-site at the Mountain View Senior Center, for anyone over the age of 60.

The goal of this program is to reduce hunger and food insecurity among our seniors by offering a nutritious lunch five days per week. Opportunities to socialize, build relationships and access other senior/community services (including health and nutrition education) are also provided, helping to break down the barriers of isolation in which so many of our seniors find themselves.

This program is funded by the County of Santa Clara, the City of Mountain View and Community Services Agency.

For more information about our Senior Nutrition Program, contact our Senior Nutrition Site Manager.

Reducing hunger and food insecurity among our senior citizens.

“My name is Karl*. I come to America from Iran in 2010 as a religious refugee. Because I am not Muslim it was very dangerous for me in my country.

American people have been very kind to me. The senior nutrition program has given me the opportunity live healthy and make many kind friends. I do not make enough money to pay [for both] rent and buy food. I have no money left after pay for rent. No money for food.

I don’t know what I would do to survive if I did not come to program everyday. Still I worry what would I do without food.

I am due [sic] to American people and volunteer everyday to help pay back. I will do anything to help.

Thank you to American people.”

*Client’s name changed to protect privacy and dignity.