#CanChallenge Video Contest Rules

1. Eligibility – the #CanChallenge Video Contest (“the contest”) is open to everyone over the age of 18 by July 23, 2019 except for employees of Community Services Agency (“Sponsor”) and their family members. Individuals or groups may enter the contest.

2. How to Enter – Create a video that includes cans of food with the purpose of inspiring people to donate canned food to their local food pantry. Videos can be in any format as long as they are viewable on Facebook. Submit a video by uploading it to Facebook with the hasthtags #CanChallenge #CSACares and #CAN; for example, #MountainViewCan. Videos should not exceed one minute in length. All entries submitted become the property of Community Services Agency.

3. Entry Requirements
• The entry and all elements of the entry must be the entrant’s original work and previously unpublished.
• The entry must not exceed one (1) minute total running time.
• The entry must include cans and promote donating cans to a local food pantry.
• The entry must not violate the intellectual property rights of any third party. That means that the video should not contain a trademark or logo of another company, nor any copyrighted materials such as music, photographs, or posters.
• The entry must be suitable for publication and publicity purposes as determined by Sponsor in its sole discretion. Entries must be in good taste and must not contain obscene or defamatory statements.
• Entrant acknowledges that Sponsor may use entry without any compensation to entrant or persons appearing in the video, in any and all media, throughout the world, in perpetuity, including derivative works.
• The entry may not contain the following: Nudity, profanity, any situations which expose any persons appearing in the entries to physical injury.
• Sponsor reserves the right to make determinations of suitability in its sole and absolute discretion, and to disqualify any entries it determines to be inappropriate for any of the reasons listed above, or for any other reason.

4. Posting of Entries – All entries should be posted on Facebook beginning on July 23, 2019 and ending on July 30, 2019 at 11:59pm Pacific Time.

5. Judging Criteria – A team of employees from Sponsor will select the winner based on creativity, originality, and effectiveness of the message.

6. Prize – The judges will select one entry to win a CSA t-shirt. If the winner is a group, each member of the group will receive a CSA t-shirt (up to 10 t-shirts). Sponsor will contact the holder of the Facebook account from which the winning entry was submitted on or around August 1, 2019 to arrange for the claiming of the prize. The winner will also be announced on Sponsor’s Facebook page.