Agency Tours:  Starting in May, CSA will offer a monthly tour of the agency. Come meet the team, learn more about our work and see first-hand how your contributions of time, talent and support are making a huge difference for more than 10,000 people in our community. The tour will be on Tuesday, May 1st at 1:00 and will feature a behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of the produce mobile. Please contact LaDrea Clark at (650) 964-4630 if you would like to join the tour.

Tours conducted for our Board earlier this month have received rave reviews. “I was on a tour a few weeks ago, and it was FANTASTIC,” says CSA Board member Mike Kasperzak. “There is so much inspiring work going on at CSA – I was amazed. This is the best hour you will spend at CSA.”

Says fellow Board member Ronit Bryant, “I too was on the tour, and it made me even prouder to be a part of this organization. There is a big difference between knowing what great work is going on at CSA and actually seeing it in operation and hearing our staff and volunteers describe their days, client contact and all the complex work of planning that they undertake. I highly recommend it!”

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