Enjoying his new digs!

Helping people navigate the journey from homelessness to housed is the primary goal of a Homeless Prevention Services (HPS) case manager. Getting from Point A to Point B can often feel overwhelming.  However, occasions such as one in early April – when a longtime CSA client signed a lease for a one bedroom Sunnyvale apartment – make these challenges so worthwhile. 

“After years of struggles, setbacks and bumps along the road, our client now has a roof over his head and a bed to lay his head on at night,” says Janice Bonello, his HPS case manager who, along with several other HPS case managers, has provided guidance and assistance.  “Throughout the journey, he has managed to stay positive, and his hard work has finally paid off. He is living the life he deserves, and we are thrilled for him!”

The client is one of four CSA clients who were successfully housed this past quarter.

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