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People – Passion – Professionalism: Staff experiences during the pandemic

Anita Grossman, Director of Development

What do you like best about your job?

Being surrounded by colleagues who are whip-smart and passionate about their work, being part of an agency that truly makes a difference in the community and has a stellar reputation. Also working for an ED who unleashes creativity by being so kind, funny and caring. The Board is great too – they take their responsibilities very seriously and work well together. It’s a very healthy agency all around.

What was it like working at CSA this past year during the pandemic? How did your job change? How did you flex, pivot and stretch to meet increasing client and/or agency need?  

Surreal, actually. I remember packing up my computer and files a few days before the shelter-in-place went into effect and wondering if life would ever be the same again. There was such an outpouring of generosity that we were overwhelmed by the sheer volume of gifts coming in and invitations from our foundation and corporate partners to submit applications for emergency funding.

What keeps you going at work during times of great uncertainty … like COVID-19?

Seeing my colleagues mobilize so quickly and efficiently to adapt agency operations to meet increasing client needs while maintaining strict safety protocols. Wow – amazing.

Anything else that you would like people reading this to know?

CSA is a great community resource and a great place to work – hands down, it is a pretty terrific place.


  1. You are doing a fantastic job, Anita!! I know this year has been extremely challenging for everyone at CSA (and of course, in the community especially!). But the way all of you have risen to the challenge is outstanding. I always enjoy reading your profiles. Thanks for all you do!

  2. You do great work for the agency, Anita. You are an amazing person. I am honored to have you as my mentor and I am grateful to continue receiving so much more wisdom as we work together. You are a true gem to CSA.

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