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CSA is thrilled to announce CSA Young Professionals’ new chair, Kei Shao Tikkanen! Kei was born and raised in Los Angeles, spent several years in New England, then moved to the Bay Area with her partner in 2021. She is currently working for a healthcare startup, Cityblock Health, as a strategy and operations manager. In her spare time, Kei experiments with all things athletic, with the newest activity being surfing. Passionate about community and service, Kei is enthusiastic about using this opportunity to contribute to CSA, whether through fundraising, volunteer events, or spreading the word about our services. “My goal is to develop and foster YP in a sustainable way in the next year, as the group is still maturing,” says Kei. “I’m excited that the members of YP are eager to make an impact, and I want to harness that energy to create as many opportunities to contribute as possible.” If you’re a young professional (or young at heart) who is interested in joining the group, please contact Kei at [email protected].

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