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By Lynette Gillson, PhD.
Partnerships, Work Based Learning, and AVID PEAK Coordinator
Mountain View Los Altos HSD

Community Services Agency (CSA) has been a consistent and unwavering source of support for our Mountain View Los Altos AVID program since the idea for the partnership sparked three years ago. The AVID program serves historically underrepresented students, who will almost all be the first generation in their family to attend college.

CSA worked with AVID to develop a new week-long program called an Educational Volunteer Opportunity (EVO) that now has been implemented multiple times, serving groups of six AVID students. EVO exposes students to career opportunities in the non-profit sector and provides hands-on career and community service experience. The students experience a growth in confidence and enjoy their time with CSA culminating with a student presentation to an audience that includes CSA Executive staff. This attention and recognition shows our historically underserved students how important they are and how much they matter, which adds a meaningful dimension to an already terrific experience.

CSA has provided classroom talks relating to careers in the nonprofit world and participated in our AVID PEAK Mock Career Fair, serving a range of 20-170 students through each experience. 

In addition, CSA provides this program to some students whose families use CSA’s services. CSA has handled the potentially delicate situation in a respectful, thoughtful way resulting in students feeling pride giving back to an organization that has helped their families.   

We at AVID are grateful for the partnership with CSA and look forward to continuing the EVO program.

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